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BINCOVERSE STUDIO with Sebastien Borget.jfif

We want to tell the story of how Binco was really born and who we really are.
Binco is a name we chose almost randomly inspired by well-known low-end clothing store of Rockstar Games’s “GTA: San Andreas” and becoming more and more meaningful as story and events took place around him. It all starts with Federico Trombetta and Robin Donadio, their friendship dating back to school and continuing abroad where they live together for several years dedicating themselves to their passion for videogames and information technology. They establish a wonderful relationship while working together and forge a strong bond, but unfortunately their paths get separated for 6 years due to causes of force majeure and matters well beyond their friendship. After having met again, thanks to Federico’s mastering of digital tools and Robin’s expertise in the world of cryptocurrencies, the two discover the world of The Sandbox and are fascinated by the project’s potential and by their immense passion for the videogaming world.
Federico is CEO, completely self-taught and misunderstood genius, he can always find a
solution even when there is none. The Internet and computers have no secrets for him, if he
has something in mind you can be sure he will carry it out in the best way. Robin is “the
glue”, he keeps up with the evolution of the world of Cryptos and Sandbox most of all, he
seeks out new partnerships and keeps the team on the right path; he has a great
imagination for storytelling and game logic, and he can use both software at a medium level.
The strength of this duo? They both have a great passion in the videogaming world thanks to the experiences of both and a mental synergy that unites them like Siamese twins, when one can’t complete an idea, he has a friend behind him knowing what to do.

To be more precise Binco was born during our participation to the Game Jam Alpha V2, we
started with a classic 3D game to entertain the player with inappropriate jokes and
captivating game mechanics, but due to a reading error ( the problem was not being aware
that we could only use assets made with the TSB account) we found ourselves with an
amazing but inadmissible game two days before the end of the contest; we rolled up our
sleeves and in little more than a day we came up with a 2D game, “Binco and the Bad
Developer”, telling the story of our setback while making the first game. Our hero had a
direct contact with the developer who, not exactly content with the project’s progress,
constantly tried to get in his way.
The game got top 10, and the award and the prize made us understand this could be the
right way to follow. We duly studied everything regarding the world of The Sandbox.
Federico handled the software while Robin kept up with the events and the project’s
evolution via Tweets, Discord and Twitch. After fully getting to know the possibilities of this world we made the decision to give importance to that Binco that opened our eyes (it took us months to realize his name is the last letters of our names: ro-BIN and federi-CO), so we dedicated ourselves to the full-fledged making of Binco’s real story; that is when Alessio Caggegi and Gianmarco Corbani, our current Voxel artist and creative advisers, came into play. Thanks to them we managed to create customized assets and bring a breath of fresh air and imagination to our project. Alessio has a great passion for painting and helped us work out a fantastic palette and a perfect balance between colors. Gianmarco is our extravagant creator, he can always come up with new assets to impress us, and surely future players.
We really believe in this project and managing to obtain financing to develop this game and all that is around it would mean the fulfillment of a dream for us, this opportunity to work withyou in the metaverse would truly be fantastic, so...


Let’s Go Binco!

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